Methologic Services Consultancy


The current 4th industrial revolution is as knowledge-intensive as an industrial revolution can be, right? The challenge herein is to know which business principles are changing and which are not. Historically, any revolution has changed just a subset of all business principles required to be successful up to then.

Business methodologies also typically consist of a mixture of well-known principles combined with some new ones and/or in some new way, for example:

  • Lean’s core strategy is to reduce waste, but in doing so some principles from Scientific Management and Total Quality Management are important to apply. Remember that the Japanese were taught well by the Americans after the Second World War.
  • Six Sigma’s core strategy is to reduce variation, but its process approach, financial focus and statistical tools were already commonly known. It is the project approach that combines all elements is what makes Six Sigma unique.
  • Agile’s core strategy to develop iteratively & adaptively, but in doing so some principles of the Human Relations movement and Configuration Management are critical to succeed. It actually is very, very hard to come up with something entirely new in this world!

Methologic can help you out as a consultant, both from an internal or external point of view. We prefer long-term, part-time relationships to optimize your ratio of progress over investment. Integrating multiple business methodologies is our specialty.

Our people are seriously certified in Business Process Management, Configuration Management, Project Management and/or Quality Management, so feel free to contact us.

From September 2021 onwards, Methologic is helping Saab Technologies improve in Quality, Environment & Information Security Management.
From October 2018 onwards, Methologic is helping Iv-Groep improve in project management.