Methologic Industry High-Tech


Is your organization part of the High-Tech industry? Then potentially your organization is somewhat younger compared to some others. Typically this young age comes hand-in-hand with a higher level of innovation, but can also come with a lower of level of organizational maturity.

The challenge here is to increase maturity in parallel with expanding the business and at the same time keeping your agility in place. Once corrective action becomes the dominant way of working, it becomes quite difficult to escape it…

Methologic’s capabilities are well-suited to help you raise your organizational maturity, for example by means of:

  • Business Process Management in designing and/or maintaining your agile business processes.
  • Configuration Management in managing the changes to your most-important items and datasets.
  • Project Management in facilitating your agile New Product Development project and/or organizational improvement project. Methologic can also help you improve your project management processes themselves.
  • Quality Management in managing your requirements while facilitating creativity and risk analysis sessions.

Methologic can support you as a consultant, professional and/or trainer, so feel free to contact us.

From September 2021 onwards, Methologic is helping Saab Technologies improve in Quality, Environment & Information Security Management.
From October 2018 onwards, Methologic is helping Iv-Groep improve in project management.