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Business Process Management

The process approach is ingrained in the core of Methologic’s way of thinking, since processes represent the core of what any organization does anytime, anywhere. The process approach has proven to be extremely robust over time, as it has been around for centuries and is an important ingredient to address all our current & future challenges.

It is a single concept that has been modelled & versed over time in different forms & from different perspectives, e.g.:

  • 5W1H: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How (~300’s BC)
  • 4M: Material, Method, Machine & Man (~1940’s)
  • IDEF0: Inputs, Controls, Outputs & Mechanisms (~1980’s)
  • IGOE: Inputs, Guides, Outputs & Enablers (~2000’s)

This is what William Edwards Deming meant by stating that “If you cannot describe what you’re doing as a process; you don’t know what you’re doing.” Whether you’re designing a business, performing a project, managing a change and/or improving your quality: applying the Process Approach always adds significant value.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the predominant organizational structure has been the functional one, where people are efficiently organized together into specialized, functional siloes separated by walls. Contrary to most process-evangelists, Methologic actually embraces the functional structure given that it co-exists with a business process (infra)structure. Both structures have their value since no organization is (or should be) 100% functionally-oriented or 100% process-oriented. The difference between temporary organizations (such as projects) and more permanent organizations (such as departments) is also important to acknowledge. As usual, balance & integration are the key concepts here.

Methologic is also experienced in transitioning from stand-alone IT-tools (such as MS Office) to integrated IT-tools (such as PLM-tools). As you probably know, the most-common pitfall here is to start with the tool and then start thinking about the process. At Methologic we start with (requirements to) the process based on practical principles, concepts & models. This is what Kurt Lewin meant by claiming that “There’s nothing as practical as a good theory.” Processes should lead; tools should facilitate.

Methologic can help you with designing, describing and/or improve the processes of your business and/or project. Our people are OMG OCEB 2 certified and experienced in applying OMG’s Business Motivation Model (BMM) and OMG’s Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

We can support you as a consultant, professional and/or trainer, so feel free to contact us.

From September 2021 onwards, Methologic is helping Saab Technologies improve in Quality, Environment & Information Security Management.
From October 2018 onwards, Methologic is helping Iv-Groep improve in project management.